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Our reputation was built on thousands of wood phone cases crafted since 2013.

"One iPhone case is much like the other unless it’s made of figured walnut wood from a retired woodworker in California and feels like the surface of a finely-sanded and well-made piece of antique cabinetry. That’s why Kerf Cases, a Pittsburgh-based manufacturer, is so cool."

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You guys did a fantastic job on this case! I will pass along to my high-end phone case friends. Keep up the good work, thanks for the prompt delivery. You guys rock!


"The new case arrived today and you are definitely right - it is fantastic! It is just so different! Love it! Will be letting others know where to go when they want a quality, very different cell phone case."


I received my case yesterday. I love it. Generally, less is more for me with my iPhones. The phone is beautiful, I love the form factor and don't go with a heavier, bulkier case. However, yours is not that. Very unique case. I'm a big fan. Well done.


This case is a work of art.


I love this case. What separates Kerf cases from everything else on the market is the quality of the product. When you handle it, you feel like you're holding something special.


This case checks all my boxes: eco-friedly, handmade, clean design, durable and light-weight.


This is the best case I have ever owned. Not only does it protect the phone but it is visually stunning and gets complimented constantly, truly a work of art.


I didn't know what to expect, but when I got it in the mail and put it on it was absolutely beautiful. It is a great looking case. I highly recommend.


The character of the wood is stunning. It's not like any other wood I've ever seen. Each case is a one-of-a-kind, but this one is uniquely impressive in its beauty. So happy with this case! Thanks to Ben for the outstanding customer service with the speedy shipping and detailed emails. I'm a customer for life.


This spalted black walnut iPhone case was beyond my expectations. And the expectations were high … this product does not disappoint as the craftsmanship is five-star.



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Always made to order

The Best Wood Phone Cases

We take pride in offering the best craftcraftsmanship and customer service possible. Our customers consistently say we have the best wood iPhone cases on the market.Take a look at how they are made.

Environmental commitment

our roots go deep

Made from 100% natural wood, by their nature every wooden KerfCase is unique from all others.  From the cases themselves to the 100% post-consumer recycled packaging, we obsessively reuse and recycle as much as we can.  Avoiding waste isn’t just good business; it’s the right thing to do in our increasingly disposable world.

Sourced locally and ethically

Our partnerships include Urban Tree, which rescues felled trees in the Pittsburgh area, local mills in Pennsylvania, and specialty lumber suppliers around the United States. They provide us with beautiful, local wood that does not rob the planet of oxygen and shade. Our exotic hardwood collection is not sourced from countries that exploit their natural resources or deal in endangered species. We monitor wood for ICUN Red List Staus and avoid these species.

A history of ecological passion

founding story

interior view of Carnegie Mellon University CFA domed painted ceiling

When it all started

Unsatisfied with existing cases, Ben spent an evening in the wood shop of Carnegie Mellon University's architecture school and created a case for his new iPhone 5 from a reclaimed windowsill.

better for the planet

Made to order

Our products are made to order and ship within five business days.  This helps keep our footprint small, and drastically reduces waste.  Keeping a large inventory of finished products creates waste when phone models change in a yearly cycle. By keeping our wood supply in raw lumber it reduces the risk of un-sold product.