The KerfCase Lifetime Phone Case Repair and Replacement Warranty

We stand behind our work. Our wooden phone cases, wallets and other products are meticulously crafted and individually tested.  Products made from wood may crack after days or weeks of regular use; invisible defects in the wood grain may manifest into cracks from small stresses or environmental changes.  Wood products may wear slightly over long periods of time, and this wear may affect the color, texture, or fit of the product.

Is KerfCase right for me?

We make gorgeous handmade wood cases that are both stylish and protective.  Our cases protect phones from drop damage very well.  That being said, wood can crack from repeated impacts, and customers used to the durability of a plastic case may be disappointed if their case cracks after several drops.  We want all of our customers to be aware that owning a wood phone case may involve cracks and faults, and we offer our lifetime warranty as a way to stand by our products.  For maximum durability, we recommend our wood and metal Alloy series.

Lifetime Repairs

We offer a FREE repair and restoration service for damaged or worn wood phone cases, depending on the amount of wear or damage. We are experts at repairing and restoring your old cases. If you love your case and want a FREE repair just send us an email with a photo of your issue attached. Chances are your case can be fixed or restored.

For wood phone cases that are damaged beyond repair from abuse, exposure to moisture, extreme temperatures, improper installation, or impacts (such as dropping your phone), we will provide a one time replacement of your damaged case with a brand new case (similar style and wood species) at a 50% discount, or a 25% discount on any other case in our collection. To be eligible the original case must be shipped back to us in the original packaging or other secure shipping method and with TRACKING to us at:

KerfCase Repairs
163 State Street
Wilmerding PA 15148

Please contact us about replacement cases before mailing your case to us.


Our cases are 100% wood, and if treated with care will prove to be durable. Dropping your case on hard surfaces will protect the phone, however damage to the case might be possible, but the case might not even get a scratch. It all depends on how the case is dropped. If you drop your phone and want to inquire about our repair program please let us know. Above all, our cases are functional, high end design for your phone and are not meant to compete with the protection offered by bulky rubber and plastic cases.


If you are rough on your phone and need more protection, check out our Metal and Wood cases. 

Our alloy collection uses frames made of 3D-printed metal or CNC-machined aluminum, created at the intersection of old-world woodworking skills and the technological frontier of robotic manufacturing. By combining the natural aesthetic of wood with the cutting edge technology of machined metal, we have created a phone case as durable as it is stylish.


Unfortunately, due to the nature of wood veneer skins, we cannot offer repairs for any of our wood skin products, including wood skins for iPhone, iPad, Apple Pencil, and MacBook.  If you experience issues with your wood skin, we offer replacements with a 50% discount.  Please contact us for details.