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Studio Case

Organized by Design

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A modular storage system to keep your most important items organized

Machined in single pieces from gorgeous Pennsylvania hardwoods, the Studio Case is a stylish, modular utility kit for artists, designers, and anyone who needs an office on the go.

Each module of the Studio Case has four high-powered magnets embedded in its corners, perfectly calibrated to snap to other modules, and to separate with just the right amount of force.

The magnets are hidden inside the wood, and exposed stainless steel pins make sure everything lines up perfectly. There’s no right or wrong way to assemble the Studio Case; it’s designed so that you’re bringing the tools you need, with no excess weight.


Studio Case is infinitely changeable, with 3 choices for your modules:

Pencil tray: Designed to fit any standard sized pencil, plus the Apple Pencil

Marker tray: Can fit Sharpies, markers and larger pens.  This tray also includes a storage area for erasers, paper clips, and other small items

Utility tray: An open tray for large or irregular-sized items.  Post-Its, small notebooks, and bags of snacks go here.

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Studio Case is designed to snap into an easy to carry stack for transportation, then break apart into whatever configuration is necessary for your work.  Remove the top to get your pencils? Form two stacks?  Lay each module side-by-side?  It’s your call.


To make the Studio Case, we partnered with sustainable wood sources in the Pittsburgh area to find local walnut, cherry, and maple wood.  We’re proud to extend our Pittsburgh pride to the materials we use, and you’ll be amazed at how pretty Pittsburgh wood can be.


The Studio Case is carved from one of our eight cutting-edge CNC machines, then sanded and finished by hand.  We install powerful magnets seamlessly into the wood structure, and quality check each Case module that we make for fit and finish, as well as compatibility with other modules.  We’re proud to make intimately used products with such care and attention, and we know you’ll appreciate the quality work that goes into your Studio Case.

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You guys did a fantastic job on this case! I will pass along to my high-end phone case friends. Keep up the good work, thanks for the prompt delivery. You guys rock!

The new case arrived today and you are definitely right - it is fantastic! It is just so different! Love it! Will be letting others know where to go when they want a quality, very different cell phone case.

I received my case yesterday. I love it. Generally, less is more for me with my Iphones. The phone is beautiful, I love the form factor and don't go with a heavier, bulkier case. However, yours is not that. Very unique case. I'm a big fan. Well done.
-Jim Rome

This case is a work of art.

I love this case. What separates Kerf cases from everything else on the market is the quality of the product. When you handle it, you feel like you're holding something special.

This case checks all my boxes: eco-friedly, handmade, clean design, durable and light-weight.

The quality of wood and craftsmanship are outstanding.

Absolutely gorgeous, unique case like nothing I've owned before.

This is the best case I have ever owned. Not only does it protect the phone but it is visually stunning and gets complimented constantly, truly a work of art.

The character of the wood is stunning. It's not like any other wood I've ever seen. Each case is a one-of-a-kind, but this one is uniquely impressive in its beauty. So happy with this case! Thanks to Ben for the outstanding customer service with the speedy shipping and detailed emails. I'm a customer for life. 

The character of the wood is stunning … So happy with this case!

This is an excellent phone case. It grips well on the hand therefore prevents accidental drops.

This spalted black walnut iPhone 6+ case was beyond my expectations. And the expectations were high … this product does not disappoint as the craftsmanship is five-star.

I didn't know what to expect, but when I got it in the mail and put it on it was absolutely beautiful. It is a great looking case. I highly recommend.

Absolutely beautiful! A true work of art. Phone fits perfectly. Looks better than any case I've owned.

I'm extremely pleased with it. It's like having a work of art surrounding my phone.

This case is crazy. No one else has this, it's on another level. Im always looking for something to stand out and this case is it.

I just received my new case and can not be more impressed and satisfied with this product. The flamed maple is awesome and the fit on the iPhone 7 is perfect!

I really love your products. They make me hate my phone a little less.

Thank you for making awesome things. I love it.

I received my case today. The fit is perfect and it is gorgeous!

I received my new phone case, and it is beautiful...a work of art!

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