KerfCase: Your Handmade Gift Destination

KerfCase: Your Handmade Gift Destination

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Handmade wins

Last week, my wife turned 30.   We went out for a fancy six-course meal, sipped gorgeous cocktails, and I presented her with two handmade gifts:

One, from an Etsy store in Spain, combined her twin passions for miniatures and human anatomy.

Handmade heart

The other, made in our shop, was more practical, but made from our deep violet purpleheart, her favorite color, and engraved with one of our wedding motifs.

Purpleheart Kerf wood and metal case for iPhone 6
For iPhone 6 owners, our wood and metal collection is extremely affordable!

They went over well!  A thoughtfully chosen, handmade gift has the potential to bring a lot of joy to your loved ones, and with Valentine's Day coming up, we thought we'd help out those who need some help with the hand-making.

Red as Rubies

padauk iphone x


This is padauk.  It grows in Africa, and when finished the grain glows a deep bloodred.  We've been asked if we dye the wood this color, and the truth is it's all natural, and very striking.  In addition, our current stock of padauk wood is slightly chatoyant, throwing light in unexpected ways from a shimmery, faux-3D grain pattern.

padauk iphone x pixel 2 handmade wood phone case


Padauk is the perfect wood to use to make a beautiful handmade case from, a bold statement of love for that special someone.  For the month of February, we've takin $40 off the price tag of all padauk phone cases.  In addition, you can save 20% off your entire order using the coupon code LOVE20.

padauk purpleheart kerfcase wood phone case for iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus
Heart-shaped box not included.

More Gift Ideas

We make more than phone cases.  For lovers of plants, candles, and pencils, try the Vessel.  For the minimalist, our wood wallets are sure to impress.  For the artist or designer on the go, our brand new Studio Case may be just what the love doctor ordered!

Kerf Vessel Succulent Planter
Perhaps a Vessel with some succulents will help bring some green to this dreary gray winter.


If you need some inspiration on custom engraving, team up with us and we'll help you find the perfect message.  It's the personal touches that count the most.

KerfCase Custom engraved maple case for Google Pixel 2
One customer's idea from last year. Straight to the point!

This Valentine's Day, we're rooting for you to wow them, and we're here to help.  Let us know what we can do to make this Valentine's Day one for the ages.


Phil Giammattei likes to wear lots of different hats.  Formerly employed at Apple, Google and Oracle, he loves applying his technical knowledge to making the best possible custom wooden phone cases.  In addition to writing the Kerf Blog, Phil’s duties at KerfCase include customer service, sales, production, shipping and fulfillment, and anywhere else he can be helpful.   Reach Out  to say hi and find out what choice cuts we have in stock!