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Things have been very busy the last month at Kerf. We never expected to ship so many cases over the holidays! Since we launched, we have been featured in several great blogs.


Here is what a few of them had to say:


"Not all wooden cases look and feel real. With the finish applied to some, they can end up feeling plasticky; not these ones. It’s clear you’re looking at real wood, and that’s equally apparently when you handle them. They also feel solid. "



"KERF's line of natural wood cases are some of the best wooden cases on the market and part of a select few that are considered 100% environmentally friendly."


"you're truly getting a one of a kind product that is made from natural materials and hand crafted to perfection in the USA"


"the materials are of an exceptionally high quality and unlike the wood used within the Carved cases, it feels and smells just like real wood and does not feature the shiny gloss coating that makes it resemble plastic"


"I must say the Friction Fit design worked flawlessly and far exceeded my expectations."

 - The Tech Reviewer

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