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Navigating COVID-19 While Moving KerfCase Headquarters



UPDATE - July 6, 2020

Production and shipping lead times on most items are back to normal. Phone Cases, non custom, wallets and skins will ship in 2-6 business days. Other items will ship in 1-2 weeks. Thank you! - Ben 

UPDATE - June 10, 2020

We are very fortunate that our team and family have been healthy over the course of the last two months. I was able to successfully move the shop, and get everything set back up again in the new space. There are still some shipping delays. Right now orders are shipping with a 2 week timeframe for non-custom engraved items. Some items will be shipped sooner, in one week or less, depending on species and device type. Custom items and studio cases will ship with a 2-3 week timeframe. If you have any questions about order status please email Thank you so much for your patience and continued support.

COVID 19 UPDATE - April 1st, 2020

I started KerfCase in 2013, and have been faced with many challenges in the past seven years. None of them compare to what I am facing now. COVID-19 is changing lives, companies, and communities. I am so grateful for the helpers, whether they are those in the medical profession, or those that deliver products or essential services. I am also so very sorry for those who have lost friends or loved ones to this disease.

As the pandemic began impacting us here in Pittsburgh over the last three weeks, I've had to drastically cut back on our workshop production for the safety of our team, customers, and our community. I am working alone in the shop, making all of the products from start to finish myself. It was critical that my team was safe, and paid, during the time they are under a stay at home order.

Due to this, expected lead times for orders placed after April 1st, 2020 are 4-6 weeks, but those timelines are subject to change from uncertainty around COVID-19.

I will do the best I can within my control to get your order to you within a reasonable timeline. I truly appreciate your patience and understanding. Our customer service is working from home, so emails to will be responded to within 24 hours and we will still offer the same level of personal service.

I will continue physical work as long as I am able. Thank you for your ongoing support as I prepare for an uncertain future. As this situation is constantly changing, any updates to our approach will be posted on this page.

Thanks for your support, and stay safe,

Ben Saks, Founder


Our New HQ

As they say, timing is everything. Before we were impacted by a global Pandemic, I had been hard at work planning an important milestone for KerfCase the last year: moving our business to a permanent new HQ. We started this search in April 2019, and in November we found a building just outside Pittsburgh, in a historic manufacturing town called Wilmerding.

On February 7th 2020, we bought the building, a former social hall and church, full of beautiful woodwork, stained glass, and good bones. Our new HQ will allow us to control costs moving forward, not be dependent on increasingly expensive leased space, and to add value to a community that has been overlooked for years. I have spent the last two months working countless hours repairing and readying the building for us to move in.

New KerfCase HQ

 The new HQ is now ready to move in and now it is critical to move forward quickly with our plans for moving. Due to the strict limitations imposed by social distancing, I am going to do most of the moving alone. I will have some help from some the machines which are too heavy or complex to move by myself. I anticipate a period of 4-6 weeks where the company focus will shift from production to moving and setting up the new shop. I hope to limit the downtime of production as much as possible.

New Production Floor

    I discovered the original Hard Maple floors, which I sanded and refinished with the same Hard Wax Oil we use on our cases. I can not wait to move into this space.

    How You Can Help Now

    • Please continue to support us by placing orders for our products, buying gift certificates for future orders, or donating to our WALL OF SUPPORT
    • Please be patient with delivery timelines. Know that it’s my passion to bring you awesome products, and I intend to deliver them as quickly as possible.
    • Share our brand and it's mission of sustainable, quality crafted products with your friends, family, and social media. 
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      Thank you for being a KerfCase customer. 

      We take pride in offering the best customer service possible. Our customers consistently say we have the best wood iPhone cases on the market. Take a look at what some of them have to say. You can read more verified customer reviews on our Google Reviews

      "You guys did a fantastic job on this case! I will pass along to my high-end phone case friends. Keep up the good work, thanks for the prompt delivery. You guys rock!" -Steve

      "The new case arrived today and you are definitely right - it is fantastic! It is just so different! Love it! Will be letting others know where to go when they want a quality, very different cell phone case." -Sherry

      "I received my case yesterday. I love it. Generally, less is more for me with my iPhones. The phone is beautiful, I love the form factor and don't go with a heavier, bulkier case. However, yours is not that. Very unique case. I'm a big fan. Well done." -Jim Rome

      "This case is a work of art." -Kurt

      "I love this case. What separates Kerf cases from everything else on the market is the quality of the product. When you handle it, you feel like you're holding something special." -Brian

      "This case checks all my boxes: eco-friedly, handmade, clean design, durable and light-weight." -Alexandra

      "The quality of wood and craftsmanship are outstanding." -Webber

      "Absolutely gorgeous, unique case like nothing I've owned before." -Debra

      "This is the best case I have ever owned. Not only does it protect the phone but it is visually stunning and gets complimented constantly, truly a work of art." -Justin

      "The character of the wood is stunning. It's not like any other wood I've ever seen. Each case is a one-of-a-kind, but this one is uniquely impressive in its beauty. So happy with this case! Thanks to Ben for the outstanding customer service with the speedy shipping and detailed emails. I'm a customer for life." -Lori

      "The character of the wood is stunning … So happy with this case!" -L.A.W.

      "This is an excellent phone case. It grips well on the hand therefore prevents accidental drops." -Jesus

      "This spalted black walnut iPhone 6+ case was beyond my expectations. And the expectations were high … this product does not disappoint as the craftsmanship is five-star." -Steve

      "I didn't know what to expect, but when I got it in the mail and put it on it was absolutely beautiful. It is a great looking case. I highly recommend." -Vincent

      "Absolutely beautiful! A true work of art. Phone fits perfectly. Looks better than any case I've owned." -TM

      "I'm extremely pleased with it. It's like having a work of art surrounding my phone." -Lori

      "This case is crazy. No one else has this, it's on another level. Im always looking for something to stand out and this case is it." -Marcus

      "I just received my new case and can not be more impressed and satisfied with this product. The flamed maple is awesome and the fit on the iPhone 7 is perfect!" -Andy

      "I really love your products. They make me hate my phone a little less." -Johan

      "Thank you for making awesome things. I love it." -Goran

      "I received my case today. The fit is perfect and it is gorgeous!" -Tom

      "I received my new phone case, and it is beautiful...a work of art!" -Dan

      "I've never liked a case before. I've tried some different rubber and plastic cases and always end up taking it off within a couple days. This case, however, I will never take off. This is by far the best looking and best feeling case I've ever owned. Also loved the packaging touch. Keep up the good work, I will definitely be buying more in the future." - Yasir S

      "The world could use more good design and less plastic!" - John C

      "I just got my new Kerf case, and it’s beautiful! My company logo on the back came out sweet! And, I can charge the phone through the case on a Qi pad, which makes it even better. You all should be proud of your craftsmanship. " - Leroy N

      "I received my Kerf Case this afternoon and I am really pleased with it! I love how it envelopes the phone and has a feel that is easy to hold. The buttons work great and I like that the silence button is recessed, it isn’t likely to be bumped. I really appreciate the job you did on the graphic on the back. Thanks for your work on this!"- Nels K

      "This is the first time I will be using an iPhone case - ever!
      I did my homework - I looked at many manufacturers online (none of them seemed worthy). This is a huge vote of confidence and testament to what I imagine will be amazing craftsmanship."- Matt K

      "I just have received your product. I just couldn't be happier. It is much more than what I expected. There are few alternatives in terms of google Pixel phone case but your creation is much much better choice. Thank you for creating such an excellent product." - Y Ito

      "In the end, what swung it for was the fact you were a small local business that sourced within your local community. Even though I live in Glasgow, Scotland, this really was important and I liked the fact your company was proud of your area, the resources it has and your product. The choice of woods was also pretty cool and at one point is was very torn between the walnut and the rosewood. I ended up opting for the walnut - very much looking forward to getting it on my new iPhone X." -Derek S

      "I just received my iPhone case today and it's stunning, keep up the good work!" - Andrew D

      "I really do appreciate the help that you guys have done, i know i was frustrated at first. But i do really appreciate companies that really help out with their products. means a lot from someone like me who has had multiple things sit broken in my room because companies would not help out." - Chris W

      "I left my phone on the vinyl roof of my car (let’s not discuss that) and it finally flew off as I drove and landed on a busy street. When I was finally able to locate and retrieve it, it had been run over by a large truck and dragged more than 300 feet under the tire. When the truck turned, the case, phone, and wood separated and I found them about 20 feet from each other. Remarkably, my iPhone is fine! Also remarkably, so is the spalted maple backing! However, the steel frame, having done its job well, is now bent (but not mangled). I don’t know if any other case made out of any other material would have done as good a job." -Ben W

      "Just received my Alloy case for iPhone 7 and I’m very impressed with the quality of the case. I will definitely purchase more products from your company and will recommend Kerf Case to family and friends. Thanks for a great product." - Gohar N

      "As a woodworker I really appreciate the unique iPhone cases you craft. This is my second case. I bought the new iPhone 7 plus, so I had to order another one as soon as possible. I can't tell you how many comments I have received, with the main comment "that's so cool" and " really that's all wood? Thanks and keep up the good work." - Clarke

      "I’m a woodworking hobbyist and was really impressed with your product! I have told several friends about it already and will be sharing links and pictures with them when it comes in! Thanks for making these." -B

      "I received my phone case yesterday morning, and after the first 24 hours with it my first impression is wow! The quality of this case is beyond my expectation. It's so smooth and wonderfully sanded, I can smell the wood and that is one of my favorite parts of it. I love the little attention to detail that most wood phone cases don't have, like wood buttons instead of rubber. Being a man in the military I take extreme pleasure in attention to detail and your product definitely delivered. Thank you so much for not disappointing me! Good luck with your company I'll be rooting for you!" Very Respectfully, Petty Officer 3rd Class Dehart, Nathan D.

      "I received my case last week and after seeing how amazingly made it was I had to order one for my wife right away. Thank you for making such and outstanding product!" - Daniel

      "The spalted maple iPhone SE case I just received is wonderful!! A true work of art and totally functional. Love it! Thanks so much. Will recommend to everyone and when it's new iPhone time for me it will always be Kerf case time." - Eddie

      "You just can't replicate that depth of color and texture with man-made materials. It brings my glass rectangle addiction one step back into the natural world, and I'll take that wherever I can get it." - Stephanie

      "Thank you for making such an awesome product both durable and stylish. You have helped in every way I've needed and in an expeditious way....something you can't find in an owner of a business these days. I greatly appreciate everything." - Jake G Hampu

      "I just wanted to let you know that I received my case today and it is quite possibly most beautiful iPhone case I've ever seen! I did a lot of research on wood phone cases and settled on Kerf Case because of the quality—I was not disappointed. The care that went into crafting and shipping the case is evident and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Thanks for creating such a wonderful product!"- Kirstin

      "Apologies for the delay in replying, but it was somewhat intentional. I wanted to wait until we received our cases yesterday. I am more than impressed with the craftsmanship that you and your staff put towards your products. The cases are beautiful and well worth what we paid for them. Thank you again. I will have no problems referring friends to KERF, who have as much of an appreciation for natural hand crafted products as I do." - Kyle Elias, BScH, DVM 

      "They are going to become my holiday gift this season ....for all my people....Great product. Very original." - Christopher Bardasian

      "Now that's customer service. Thanks Ben I appreciate the attention to detail you guys have with your business plan. No questions but I will tell you that you've earned my respect with the speed, efficiency and quality products you're providing with your customers." - Mark Wilson

      "Just wanted to reach out and thank you again- I got my cases back this week and they are beautifully repaired (or replaced, I can't even tell)! Please give Cat my thanks as well for her craftsmanship. I was already a big Kerf fan and repeat customer but will definitely keep coming back thanks to your outstanding service and support. You guys rock, and your products are beautiful. Thanks so much." - Courtney Sanford

      "Thank you for your direct contact. This morning I picked up the case from the German customs office. And let me tell you this case is amazing! Thank you so much, you guys did a great job." - Stefan

      "Well beyond expectations. Craftsmanship is as close to perfection as possible. Customer service is impeccable and prices are lower than competitors who make inferior products." - Robert W 

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